The Best Of Gwen McCrae

 01. Rockin' Chair
 02. For Your Love
 03. It's Worth The Hurt
 04. 90 Percent Of Me Is You
 05. It Keeps On Raining
 06. He Don't Ever Lose His Groove
 07. Winners Together Or Losers Apart
 08. Let Your Love Do The Talkin'
 09. You And I Were Made For Each Other
 10. Damn Right It's Good
 11. Love Without Sex
 12. Starting All Over Again
 13. Tonight's The Night
 14. Let's Straighten It Out
 15. Love Insurance
 16. Cradle Of Love
 17. Maybe I'll Find Somebody New
 18. The Melody Of Life
 19. All This Love That I'm Giving 

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