The Best Of Love Unlimited

 01. Under The Influence Of Love 
 02. It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring) 
 03. Oh Love, We Finally Made It 
 04. Move Me No Mountain 
 05. I Needed Love-You Were There 
 06. I Can't Let Him Down 
 07. High Steppin' Hip Dressin' Fella (You Got It Together) 
 08. I'm So Glad That I'm A Woman 
 09. If You Want Me, Say It 
 10. Walking In The Rain (With The One I Love) 
 11. Fragile-Handle With Care 
 12. Lovin' You, That's All I'm After 
 13. I Belong To You 
 14. Share A Little Love In Your Heart 
 15. I Guess I'm Just Another Girl In Love 
 16. Gotta Be Where You Are 
 17. He's All I've Got 

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