The Very Best Of Stacy Lattisaw

 Tamanho do Arquivo: 107MB 
 Formato do Áudio: MP3/192 
 Quantidade de Músicas: 16 
 Ano: 1998 

01. When You're Young And In Love (Disco Version)
02. Dynamite!
03. Let Me Be Your Angel
04. My Love
05. Love On A Two Way Street
06. Don't Throw It All Away
07. Attack Of The Name Game
08. Hey There Lonely Boy
09. Miracles
10. Million Dollar Babe
11. Perfect Combination (Feat. Johnny Gill)
12. Baby It's You (Feat. Johnny Gill)
13. Nail It To The Wall
14. Jump Into My Life
15. Every Drop Of Your Love
16. Let Me Take You Down

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  1. Delicia de album. Uma volta aos tempos da juventude. Belo post. Grato !