Eric B. & Rakim (Gold)

 Tamanho do Arquivo: 78MB/79MB 
 Formato do Áudio: MP3/192 
 Quantidade de Músicas: 21 (2 CD's) 
 Ano: 2005 


01. Eric B. Is President
02. I Know You Got Soul
03. I Ain't No Joke
04. Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness) (The Coldcut Remix)
05. My Melody (Clean Original Mix)
06. Follow The Leader
07. Microphone Fiend
08. Lyrics Of Fury
09. Put Your Hands Together (Fon Force Mix)
10. The R (Remix)


01. Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (Clean UPSO Mix)
02. No Omega (Extended Remix)
03. In The Ghetto (Extended Mix)
04. Run For Cover
05. Mahogany
06. What's On Your Mind (House Party II Rap Theme) (Extended Vocal Version)
07. Rest Assured
08. What's Going On
09. Juice (Know The Ledge) (Main Mix)
10. Casualties Of War (Radical Radio Version)
11. Don't Sweat The Technique

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