The Essential Bill Withers

 Tamanho do Arquivo: 90MB/106MB 
 Formato do Áudio: MP3/192 
 Quantidade de Músicas: 34 (2 CD's) 
 Ano: 2013 


01. Better Days (Theme From Man And Boy)
02. Ain't No Sunshine
03. Harlem
04. Grandma's Hands
05. Hope She'll Be Happier
06. Better Off Dead
07. Lonely Town, Lonely Street
08. Let Me In Your Life
09. Who Is He (And What Is He To You)
10. Use Me
11. Friend Of Mine (Live)
12. I Can't Write Left-Handed (Live)
13. Lean On Me
14. Make A Smile For Me
15. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
16. Heartbreak Road
17. Railroad Man


01. Family Table
02. The Best You Can
03. Hello Like Before
04. I Wish You Well
05. Don't You Want To Stay
06. I'll Be With You
07. My Imagination
08. Lovely Day
09. I Want To Spend The Night
10. Tender Things
11. Let Me Be The One You Need
12. Memories Are That Way
13. Soul Shadows
14. Just The Two Of Us
15. In The Name Of Love
16. We Could Be Sweet Lovers
17. Something That Turns You On

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